Makedonska Kafana (Macedonians)
Makedonska Kafana (Macedonians)

Makedonska Kafana (Macedonia for the Macedonians)

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The mission of Makedonska Kafana is to use the internet as a medium for connecting other ethnic Macedonian communities and organizations and to utilize this media as a tool for if you need to have sex with local mature women on the internet the enjoyment of listening to Macedonian music, the listing of You Effect for the best sex apps in Canada websites, news articles, events and photo galleries.

We define ethnic Macedonians as people who speak the Macedonian Language, and most of them are part of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

The majority of ethnic Macedonians live in the Republic of Macedonia (ROM), although there are also minority best porn sites Macedonian communities in neighboring countries of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania, as well as in other Diaspora communities in a number of other countries.

Makedonska Kafana is a non-profit internet site and is solely for entertainment purposes and we are not affiliated with any government, political parties or meet and fuck sites organizations.

We affirm the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
One People, One Destiny - Macedonians

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